How to Budget for Candles: 5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Candle Obsession

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How to Budget for Candles: 5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Candle Obsession

Candles were invented to illuminate shelters at night, but the passing of time has made them more than just that. Today, they are a crucial part of home décor, relaxation rituals, and even social gatherings. 

In fact, many people have developed an obsession with collecting them. If you’re one of those people, then you know that maintaining such a collection can burn a hole in your pocket.

You’re not alone if you’re wincing at the checkout counter or hesitating to hit the “purchase” button online because of the cost. In this article, we share five actionable tips to help you enjoy your love for candles without going broke.

Why Quality Matters

Candle quality will matter little to you if you’re not a candle enthusiast. For those obsessed with candles, quality is everything. After all, low-quality options can come with risks such as toxic fumes or fire hazards. Moreover, cheaper candles often burn out fast and fail to deliver scents effectively.

Investing in higher-quality candles has long-term financial benefits. For example, better candles last longer, providing more hours of burning per dollar spent. Hence, you spend more money upfront but save more money down the line.

Tip 1: Buy in Bulk

Buying loads of candles in one transaction is a fantastic way to get more bang for your buck. Brands often offer discounts on larger quantities, helping you save in the long run. For instance, you might find that a pack of six candles costs 20% less per candle than buying individual ones.

Here are some factors you should consider:

  • Scent Variety. If you love having an array of scents, look for bundles that offer different fragrances.
  • Storage. Remember that candles can lose their scent or become discoloured if stored improperly. Keep them in a cool, dark place to maintain their quality.

Plan your purchases and take advantage of bulk discounts. This way, you can significantly reduce your per-candle spending.

Tip 2: Consider Auxiliary Expenses

The cost of maintaining a candle collection isn’t just from buying candles. There are other expenses involved that you might not immediately consider. 

For instance, if you’re going to move to a new place, add to your moving budget the cost of sturdy boxes and bubble wrap. You’ll need to safeguard your candles to avoid the expense of replacing them if they’re damaged. 

Furthermore, consider expenses associated with essential candle accessories such as holders, wick trimmers, and snuffers. While they might appear to be negligible at first glance, their cumulative costs pile up fast.

Tip 3: Use Discount Codes and Coupons

Never underestimate the power of a good discount code. Many brands offer promotional discounts through their newsletters, seasonal sales, or exclusive social media announcements.

  • Newsletters. Sign up for newsletters from your favourite brands to get alerts on upcoming sales and exclusive coupon codes.
  • Social Media. Follow your favourite brands on social media channels like Instagram and Twitter. Businesses frequently alert their followers about flash sales or time-sensitive discounts.

By being proactive in your search for deals, you can shave off a considerable amount from your candle expenses.

Tip 4: Repurpose Candle Jars

After a candle has burned down, you’re left with an empty jar that’s ripe for repurposing. With a dash of imagination, these jars can be transformed into handy storage containers, chic vases, or even DIY candles for your next project.

  • Cleaning: Get rid of any residual wax. One effective method is to freeze the jar for several hours, which makes it easier to scrape out the leftover wax cleanly.
  • Decoration. A repurposed candle jar can make for a unique decoration piece or serve as a practical container for small items.

Repurposing helps you get the most value out of your purchase while also being environmentally conscious.

Tip 5: Take Care of Your Candles

Candle maintenance may sound trivial, but it significantly impacts how long your candles last. Proper care can extend your candle’s life and, by extension, save you money. Below are candle-caring tools and techniques you should consider:

  • Wick Trimmers. Keeping your wick trimmed to about 1/4 inch ensures an even burn and prevents excessive smoke.
  • Snuffers. Using a snuffer instead of blowing out your candles can prevent smoke and help the wick last longer.

Investing more time and effort on your candles makes them last longer, giving you more value for your money.


The joy of illuminating your space with candles doesn’t have to come with financial regret. The tips above aim to light the way for savvy spending. These strategies can help you make the most out of your love for candles while keeping your budget intact. 

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