Where to Place Scented Candles In Your Home

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Where to Place Scented Candles In Your Home

Hello and a warm welcome to all the fragrance enthusiasts out there, from the Minch Candle Company! Now, where to place scented candles in your home you ask? Imagine each room in your home not just as a space but as a canvas, waiting to be painted with the rich, vivid aromas of Scotland’s heritage.

Our uniquely crafted candles, each with a story and inspiration of its own, are here to transform your living spaces into a vibrant tapestry of scents and emotions.

Let’s twirl through your home together, placing these beautiful scented candles in just the perfect spots to create an atmosphere that’s not only inviting but truly magical!

1. The Living Room: Vikings on the Minch

For the living room, the heart of your home, choose ‘The Vikings – Vikings on the Minch.’ This bold and adventurous scent, with its top notes of pine and fir needle, evokes the spirit of Norse seafarers. Its heart of sea salt and ocean mist brings the essence of the Minch’s rough waters to your living space, perfect for stimulating conversation and inspiring exploration.


2. The Bedroom: Aurora Borealis

In the bedroom, your personal sanctuary, light our ‘Aurora Borealis’ candle. This enchanting scent, with its blend of vetiver, bergamot, and rhubarb leaf, mimics the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights. Its woody finish with notes of patchouli, cedar wood, and musk creates a magical ambience, ideal for relaxation and dreamy contemplation.


3. The Bathroom: Storm Kelpies

Transform your bathroom into a coastal retreat with ‘Storm Kelpies.’ This candle, inspired by mythical water spirits, features fresh notes of seaweed, sea spray, and salt. It’s perfect for turning your bath time into a rejuvenating experience akin to the stormy Scottish coastlines.

SOLD The Minch Candle Co - Storm Kelpies logo

4. The Kitchen: The Minch

In the kitchen, let ‘The Minch’ candle elevate your culinary space. Its crisp and clean blend of sea salt and ocean mist, along with marine florals like seaweed and kelp, complements the kitchen’s natural aromas. This scent creates an atmosphere of freshness and vitality, ideal for cooking and dining.

SOLD The Minch Candle Co - The Minch scent logo

5. The Home Office: Bothy Nichts

For the home office, where focus and tranquillity are key, ‘Bothy Nichts’ is the ideal choice. This scent, with its notes of heather, pine, and smoky peat, captures the essence of the Scottish wilderness. It brings the peaceful atmosphere of rustic bothies into your workspace, aiding concentration and calm.


6. The Entryway: The Blue Men of the Minch

Finally, in your entryway, our limited edition ‘The Blue Men of the Minch’ candle sets a welcoming tone for guests. This scent, inspired by the folklore of the Minch’s mysterious inhabitants, creates an air of intrigue and charm as one enters your home.


Final Thoughts on Where to Place Scented Candles in Your Home for Optimal Ambiance

By strategically placing The Minch Candle Company’s unique and evocative scents throughout your home, each room becomes a narrative of its own. From the living room to the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, home office, and entryway, these candles not only enhance the ambience but also tell a story of Scotland’s rich heritage and natural beauty surrounding the Minch.

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